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Re: [virgo-dev] Start level in Virgo?

Maybe there is another way to do this. We have several applications deployed to the server,
along with several other bundles which provide services used by the applications. Some of
the applications are poorly written :-) and attempt to use services while they are starting up.

This works fine when the server is up and running, and the app is being deployed, but if
the server is restarting some of the services may not be started when the application is
started. It seems like the start-up process waits for the application, which is in turn waiting
for its services. Eventually the app times out, the server undeploys it and goes on to start
the remaining bundles.

Our thought was to use start levels to prevent the apps from starting until after the service
bundles, but it seems like the start levels set using the cli interface don't persist over restarts.

Any ideas?

On 11/19/2010 06:39 PM, Dmitry Sklyut wrote:
> If you package your application in a plan than order of deployment will 
> Maintained. 
> I have not tried to use start level service. 
> On Nov 19, 2010, at 18:30, "Tommy M. McGuire" <mcguire@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Do OSGi start levels work in Virgo?  We have had a bit of an issue with application
>> starting before their services are available, so I spent some time looking but did not
>> see how to set a level on an application.
>> Thanks!

Tommy M. McGuire