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Re: [virgo-dev] Security in Virgo


On 20 November 2010 01:38, Dmitry Sklyut <dmitry@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can you comment on acl changes need?

We used the standard jdbc implementation and ran into I think a class
loading issue in the
BasicLookupStrategy.convertCurrentResultIntoObject() on the line that
a new ObjectIdentity is created (we copied the implementation from
spring security 3.0.0... but if I look at the code again I'm not
directly seeing a problem for class loading in the original version,
so my memory may play tricks on me here).

Anycase in our integration we split out the creation of the
ObjectIdentiyImpl to a resolver bundle with a dynamic import of *, so
only that bundle would be restarting in case of pieces of domain being
reloaded in stead of the close to the whole stack. Next to that this
resolver is used in our service for Acl management (in there I do see
some bits that could give class loading issues (or the need of a
dynamic import *). So I guess the real need for some glue (the
resolver) could be caused by how we implemented ACL management. So the
glue may not be necessary a little bit depending on how you use the