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Re: [virgo-dev] SNAPS examples.


That's great, I'd certainly like to have a look and play with it. I think a good sample app needs to be created. I have also been working on one that I need to move over but it dosn't have any code, its all just web stuff.

The way to proceed is to raise a bugzilla on Virgo and then attach your code. Please also make a comment in the issue saying it's all your work and you have permission to donate etc... We can take it from there.


On 12/11/2010 16:24, Patsy Phelan wrote:
Hi All,
 I have been setting up a example of SNAPS / Spring MVC using OSGI services. So I currently have a small example with the following bundles:

	- Interface & SimpleDao

	- Interface Implementation exporting OSGi Service

	- Simple SNAP, imports my OSGi Service
	- Spring MVC - Index (listing of Daos via Service)
                - Add Dao form
                 - Delete Dao handler

SpringSource.host (the dynamic tabs example - as the snap.host).

 This is pretty generic and very much along the lines of the test-app under the snaps code base. I can contribute this example to the codebase and to eclipse if it is useful for the project. Just let me know if it is wanted and what I need to do :)     I have no problem with you guys reviewing it and making any changes you want to it.

Patsy Phelan

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