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[virgo-dev] M6 issue with javax.transaction


It looks like javax.transaction is no longer in /lib.  That caused me a few minutes of panic while upgrading from M3 to M6 right now.
javax.transaction.Transaction manager could not be resolved from org.springframework.orm bundle.

javax.transaction is in a list of org.osgi.framework.system.packages in java6-server.profile.  I manually copied javax.transaction to lib and restarted and was back in a good graces of osgi gods.

The question is - should java6-server.profile be modified as well to remove javax.transaction from the list of system packages?

I did just that, removed all references to javax.transaction from java6-server.profile and deleted javax.transaction from lib and now bundles deployed in the userregion properly resolve to the javax.transaction bundle deployed in repository/ext.

So what is the right way to go here?