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Re: [virgo-dev] Building documentation

Hi Hristo

It's a bug. These days the default should probably be doc-html (*).

Would you kindly raise a bugzilla?

* We don't build PDF docs since the FOP renderer tends to hang during termination, which is highly inconvenient when doing a release or ripple. There does not appear to be a fix for the FOP problem and the lack of any reasonable diagnostics has put us off pursuing it with the Apache FOP developers.

On 24 Sep 2010, at 12:43, Iliev, Hristo wrote:


Using just “ant” for building documentation results in:
Target "build-doc" does not exist in the project "build-documentation".

I noticed that build-doc is the default target, but actually there’s no such target name in the build.xml. Am I doing something wrong, or this is a bug?

Hristo Iliev