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[virgo-dev] TAB completion, History, port binding



I finally managed to get the console extension bundle (attached) running in Virgo.


To test it:

1.       Use Virgo with Equinox 3.6 – either replace the one in lib or use latest build

2.       Enable console port in org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion.properties

3.       Place the attached bundle in lib

4.       Connect via telnet


The bundle uses hook to replace the standard console with one with more features like:

·         TAB completion – using TAB you can complete the command you type or list the possible commands starting with the entered string. Not pluggable but this can be extended in the future.

·         History

o   using the arrows you can get the previous or the next command you typed

o   Page Up/Down brings the first/last command

·         Port binding the console port can be bound to a specific network interface (identified by hostname or IP) in the format <host/IP>:<port>. This can be used to allow connections only from localhost for increased security. For instance: osgi.console=localhost:2401

·         Line editing – backspace and arrows now work as expected


I’m now starting to integrate this in Virgo. Hopefully the features will be available till the mid of October and will reach post 2.1.0 versions.



Hristo Iliev

Attachment: com.sap.core.supportability.telnet.jar.zip
Description: com.sap.core.supportability.telnet.jar.zip