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[virgo-dev] 2.1.x branch

We are nearing the point at which we'll want to lock down the content of the 2.1.0 release and begin development of the next release. So we have raised the bug below which we aim to schedule into next week's sprint.

Any comments or questions?


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Date: 20 September 2010 11:05:42 GMT+01:00
To: Glyn Normington <gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx>>
Subject: [Bug 325728] New: Create 2.1.x branch

Product/Component: Virgo / core

          Summary: Create 2.1.x branch
   Classification: RT
          Product: Virgo
          Version: unspecified
         Platform: PC
       OS/Version: Mac OS X
           Status: NEW
         Severity: normal
         Priority: P3
        Component: core
       AssignedTo: virgo-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:virgo-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx>
       ReportedBy: gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx>

This is a necessary step before shipping a 2.1.0 release. It will allow a 2.1.1
release to be created later should this be necessary.

Part of this is work is to document the method in the Virgo/Build page of the

"master" will then be versioned at 2.2.0 but may later become 3.0.0.

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