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[virgo-dev] Virgo P2 repository


We want to use Virgo (kernel) as application platform. Since we are using Nexus repository manager we want to have P2 repository with Virgo inside and consume Virgo binaries from it.

Besides the usual benefits from such approach ("own repositories to ensure stability within your organization") having a P2 repository means that Virgo can be:
	* installed with the standard Eclipse P2 installer
	* installed based on the OS/platform (only the relevant scripts/bundles/native parts)
	* put in one repository - Kernel & Web can be a features inside, so one can install Web on top of Kernel
	* updated/installed from external agent (based on P2 API or Eclipse P2 Installer tool)
	* provided to Eclipse developers as embedded application platform (or via dependency for eclipse plugins)

We want this P2 repository to be a part of the Virgo build. The result can be provided on http://build.eclipse.org as a start. The benefits from this approach (compared to having a proprietary P2 repo) are that the repo will be:
	* modifiable, controlled and supported by the Virgo community
	* as close to the source as possible - this will allow the P2 repo to reflect the latest changes in Virgo

The steps for creating a P2 repository will be:
	* upload equinox P2 bundles in s3 repository
	* modify the build to invoke P2 publishing (ant java task)

Seems like P2 repo is a goal that can be achieved relatively easy but I'd like to hear also your opinion on this. Is someone already trying to do this or tried it in the past?

Hristo Iliev