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Re: [virgo-dev] Re: Running integration tests with maven

PS. In all my 28 years in this industry, I have never worked on a project where the build/dependency management tool really worked -- they always have little wrinkles that people need to work around -- or that everyone on the project really understood -- people (with the possible exception of one or two build experts, but usually not) just kid themselves into thinking they understand. Virgo is unfortunately no different.

Ditto for me, except last year we moved to a maven build on Hudson with 30+ modules (no OSGi) and for whatever reason it was nearly painless for the entire 1.5 year project. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, but people came, people went, it just kept on being easy, and it kept on being dumb. And except that I only have 15 years in the industry, not 28 like Glyn. We also used ant for one module, but Hudson didn't care.