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[virgo-dev] Building a custom artifact deployer


as far as I can tell part of writing a custom artifact deployer for
Virgo is to register an InstallArtifactTreeFactory in the OSGi service
I assume that all such factories get picked up by the Virgo runtime.
Am I right so far...?

If that is indeed the correct approach, one apparent problem that
strikes me is that the ArtifactStorage interface, which is a parameter
of the InstallArtifactTreeFactory.constructInstallArtifactTree method,
is internal to the org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.deployer bundle (that is,
its package is not exported).
This makes it impossible for me to write a bundle with a custom tree factory.
Maybe some restructuring is required to simplify the development of
additional deployers?
What are your thoughts?

best regards, Peter