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[usssdk-dev] Project code repository move


  As you may be aware the Foundation is working on deprecating its Gerrit instance[1].  To that end we transferred project website repositories to Gitlab/Github last year just to get projects familiar with the basic process.

In keeping with our planned timeline we have begun selecting 15-20 projects per quarter that will have their code repositories moved in the following quarter, and as you may have guessed your project has been selected as part of next quarters moves.

We’ve filed an issue( to track the details and conversation between the Webmaster team and the project, so please take this opportunity to discuss what timing works best for you, what should happen to your bugs(if any), and let us know on the above issue.  

Want to move sooner than our default schedule of next quarter? Please comment on the issue and we’ll do our best to accommodate your timing.

If we don’t hear back from you by the due date for the above issue, we’ll work with the Foundations project team to determine if your project is still active.  Active but unresponsive projects will be moved to the Foundations Gitlab instance by default.  Inactive projects will be scheduled for termination review.

If you have any questions feel free to ask Webmaster via the above issue.



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