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[ui-best-practices-working-group] Completion Proposals / Content Assist

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to give an example of how annoying small "improvements" can be for existing users. Since a while (can't remember exactly what update caused this) content completion behaves totally different and just gets into my way. I was very used to use Java statement templates for things such as for each loops, instanceof blocks and the like. I just typed "fore" (cautiously with all lower case letters) followed by Control+Space and the completin proposal list contained just the foreach template, so that I could hit Enter without even looking at that list. But now the list looks like this:

It even looks worse for the instanceof-template:

I somehow suspect that it was decided to not consider the case of my typing anymore. Now all kinds of weird classes that I've not even heard of before are considered better matches.

Then I thought, well, there must be a preference to turn this new behavior off, but I couldn't find any on this preference page:

I could have submitted a bug against JDT (and probably will), but I thought it would be a good to have a section in the new UI Guide about how best to change existing functionality/workflow.



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