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Re: [ui-best-practices-working-group] Bug 170720


Ben Walding blog mentioned in that bug report has a script for extracting icons from Eclipse

Its results used to be hosted at the codehaus (all Eclipse icons on a single page), but it had been replaced with a downloadable archive. It would be great if something like that hosted on Eclipse, though it may worth to create a single image for all icons and use imagemaps to save on traffic and improve loading time for such page. I think it is much more useful to have all the icons shown at once then browse trough plugin folders.


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

I'm curious if anyone from the UIAWG would be willing to spear head something like outlined in Bug 170720 (, especially around Andree's excellent contribution (basically an index of every Eclipse graphics ever, organized)

It seems this type of stuff would be right up your ally.


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