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[ui-best-practices-working-group] Panel text suggestion

Thoughts? Concerns?

Eclipse is a wonderfully extensible toolkit and a powerful tool. Whether you are creating a project or extending a tool, there are numerous interface design and usability decisions to make. These decisions always affect the users, but they often affect other developers who might choose to extend your work. Good design choices and clear user interface guidelines are extremely important in a development environment where multiple developers contribute interfaces that together form a single user experience.

This open panel will provide the audience with the opportunity to discuss their experiences, and best practices in user interface design. A panel consisting of a cross-section of developers and user interface designers with diverse experiences creating, extending, and consuming Eclipse projects is available to answer your questions.

Susan Yeshin

Information Architect for Rational Installation and UA Test
IBM Toronto Lab
D3 - 446
(905) 413-3662
t/l 8-969-3662

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