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[ui-arch-working-group] suggested charter

Since we last met, we had a conversation with Julian Jones who worked on
cross-project usability in the early releases of Eclipse, when cross
project meant Platform, JDT, and PDE.  Based on his recommendations on what
was most effective to improve the usability and consistency, we propose the
following charter for the working group.  Note that there is more to it
than just updating the guidelines.  We can use tomorrow's call to talk
about this in more detail.


Eclipse UI Best Practices Working Group

The mandate of the working group is to help improve the usability across
the Eclipse projects that are part of the simultaneous release effort.

To this end, the working group will do the following:

1.  Facilitate usability discussions within projects and across projects
      - Trigger usability post-mortems to be performed by the differerent
      - Conduct regular "show and tells" with UI leads from the projects to
shed spotlight on problem areas and promote good ideas as best practices
      - Do an end of release UI review and come up with a cross-project
list of polish items

2. Update the UI guidelines

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