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[ui-arch-working-group] Proposed agenda for August 30 meeting

I would like to propose the following agenda for the ui-arch-working-group meeting on August 30.

Conference Call: Wednesday, August 30, 9:30 PDT 613.287.8000 or 866.362.7064 passcode 874551#


 * Review action items - listed below

 * Review discuss group charter

 * Brainstorm ideas on how we can jumpstart the updates to the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines

 * Brainstorm ideas on how to jumpstart our "Best dressed" "Worst dressed" UI list.


Any other suggestions are most welcome.


-------------------- Previous action items ----------------------------------------------------


1. by one week (August 23) - Decision on what the wording of the scope/charter for the group. Discussions to happen via this email list.


2. by the next call (two weeks; August 30) - Our goals for membership in the working group. While all members are welcome to actively participate, there are certain representatives that we would like to make an extra pitch to include - for example, representatives of major consumers and major downstream projects.


3. by the next call (August 30) - Suggestions for how to gather input via bugzilla. There are many possible strategies including a new product for all UI issues; special searches for UI issues across existing products; special keywords; advertising to the larger community about where to put these issues, etc. Each of us will suggest one or more techniques and we'll discuss them and find a good solution/compromise.


4. by ??? - Collecting the good and the bad from Callisto: examples of poor user interface/user interaction and examples of good UI. To be used as part of the guidelines.



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