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Andrea Antonello wrote:
Udig does some automatic styling if no sld file is supplied (which
usually is the case, at least for me :)), however if you open the style
editor and click on the XML tab you find some nice content that you can
paste into a file named like your shapefile, but with extention "sld".
At that point udig reads that one, if I mind it right (I'm starting to
have doubts?). Inside there you should find a part
<sld:PolygonSymbolizer> that you should be able to change.

I have a doubt about if i tried it back in the first geotools viwer
times or in udig... hmm. But I think that should really work.

There is also an XML page in the style dialog where you can directly hack at the SLD document (uDig is always backed by an SLD -- it's just hidden from the user).

This topic comes up every few months... I usually point back at this thread:

For details on the StyledLayerDescriptor (SLD v1.0), please see its specification:


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