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this should be udig 1.1.0 not 1.2.0

> (udig:6.2) start of udig changeover to milestone release/trunk
> [gt:6.4] GML Production enhancements, let geotools write out GML 
> (origional 9-29th!)
> November 15th
> <ogc:7> OGC Meeting, presentation to Working Group
> (gs:7.1) ongoing geoserver changeover, this time with focus GML 
> production
> (udig:7.2) ongoing udig changeover, this time on random access?
> December 1st
> (gs:8.1) initial release of geoserver 1.4.0-M0
> (udig:8.2) initial release of udig 1.3.0-M0
> Feb 1st
> (udig:--) target release for 1.3.0 w/ complex type support
> (gs:--) target for release of 1.4.0 w/ complex type support
>> I'm currently building geotools trunk and I'll see how much work there
>> is to actually get it working in Geoserver.  I dont think there's been
>> too many changes, but there's a HUGE number of changes that will be
>> hitting soon.  Who know how well they will work - its likely that we'll
>> be the test guinea pigs.
> You should talk to Jesse, and check out my rough guide to RnD:
> -<> 
> This is a summary of a rough outline to be found here:
>> PS. Paolo (and whomever else), whats your time frame for what you're
>> doing?
> Looks like you are already asking ;-)
> Cheers, Jody
> _______________________________________________
> User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig)

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