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Re: [tycho-user] Configure the output folder of assemble-repository

Yeah it must be something like this, unfortunately it doesn't help to move around the config block :-\

As I'm building a product maybe I'm even configuring the wrong plugin/mojo, seems I have to fire up a debugger for this...

Am 14.06.21 um 08:26 schrieb Keppler Michael (ETAS/ESW-CI) via tycho-user:
I would try moving the configuration block as a sibling of the executions block. Configuration inside the execution is sometimes okay, and sometimes not (I haven't really understood when it's okay). I've also lost several hours of my life to the same issue with other plugins.

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Betreff: [tycho-user] Configure the output folder of assemble-repository

I try to configure the output directory for my product build to go into a different folder according to [1]:


but the configuration does not seem to have any effect and m2e complains there is no such configuration property, so it seems I'm overseen something but can't get whats missing here...

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