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Re: [tycho-user] Java 11 conflicting packages

I found that this sometimes happens if the bundle does not import the package, you should check if that is the case.

Actually everything from javax.* should be explicitly listed, but sadly PDE does not error/warn if not for historic reasons....

Am 01.06.21 um 05:16 schrieb Muhammad Umair Sair:
Hello everyone,

I am building product using Java 11 with following scenario.

 1. Including p2 repository for BIRT. This contains a plugin named
 2. linuxtools plugins are also included in build.

Now build of org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core fails with many similar errors like below.

[ERROR] import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;
[ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[ERROR] The package javax.xml.parsers is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml

How can I exclude the particular plugin import from the BIRT repo so that the javax.xml plugin is not available during build of org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core and the required package is used from JDK.

*Umair Sair*

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