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Re: [tycho-user] Alternative to avoid deprecation warning from product-export goal in tycho-packaging-plugin

Hi folks,

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On Thu., Mar. 11, 2021, 09:50 Torbjorn SVENSSON, <torbjorn.svensson@xxxxxx> wrote:

We have been using the goal product-export in the tycho-packaging-plugin for a while to export a product in a way that it will support more than one platform.
What we need, is something that contains the launchers for 3 different platforms, Linux, macos and Windows, without duplicating the plugins, features and configuration.
The product that is exported is a simple headless eclipse application that is launched and bundled in an external tool as a sub-component, but the external tool only contains a generic installation that should work on all the 3 platforms.

Is there any way to do this without the product-export goal?
The reason why I'm looking for alternatives is that the product-export goal produces this warning on every build:
[WARNING] The packaging type 'eclipse-application' is deprecated; use 'eclipse-repository' instead. See

I've looked at the tycho-p2-director-plugin, but it does not appear to support the use-case to generate all platforms in a single structure.

Kind regards,
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