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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho pom-less multi-module builds with semantic versioning

Thanks for the quick reply.


Maven deploy seems to have added the thing I need in their 3.0.0-M2.

So it's not a question for maven anymore.

For plain Java projects there are no custom packaging types involved and the modules will have their main artifact in order, compatible with the new requirements for the deploy plugin.


Now it's a matter of knowing if Tycho will upgrade to support more recent deploy plugin versions, and the requirements they impose on implementations of custom packaging types for modules.

If there are no such plans (or they'll take too long), it means I need to indeed hack some solution myself somehow.





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I think this question isn't related to Tycho but more to the maven-deploy-plugin. You'd face the same issue with plain Java projects.

So maybe try asking on the maven-users mailing-list. I imagine a combination is possible using a mojo in the "validate" phase that would dynamically change the value of `maven.deploy.skip` according to whether a release already exists for the current version.



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