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Re: [tycho-user] Product dependency resolution does not match expected result in PDE

Hi Joe,

This sounds a lot like Bug Also failing to launch the product directly from Eclipse is a known issue, see Hitting the 'Add Required Plug-ins' button is a required action to launch a product.
For your second case, if I remember correctly, using the 'features selected below' method in the 'Plug-ins' tab of the launch configuration should support this case correctly. Remember to save the launch configuration in your workspace to be shared.

Best Regards, Rolf

Op wo 16 dec. 2020 om 19:44 schreef Shannon, Joe (DLSLtd,RAL,LSCI) <joe.shannon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,
Before opening a bug/enhancement I just wanted to check that my understanding of this is accurate.
I have noticed a discrepancy between PDE product resolution/validation and Tycho product resolution.

A couple of steps to summarise findings:
  • Create plugin1 and plugin2 and add a dependency (either Import-Package or Require-Bundle) so that plugin2 requires plugin1
  • Create a plugin based product which includes plugin2 in its contents
  • Attempt to launch the product in Eclipse, this gives a validation error with a missing constraint (which is expected as plugin1 should also be in the plugin contents)
  • Build the product with Tycho and it succeeds i.e. plugin1 is installed into the built product and the product appears to be functional
Similarly, for feature based products:
  • plugin1 and plugin2 as before
  • Create feature1 which includes plugin2 only
  • Create feature based product which includes feature1
  • This fails to launch from Eclipse as plugin1 is required by plugin2 but is not included in any of the product's features (or their included transitive features)
  • The Tycho build succeeds as in the previous case
Another observation is that the p2 repository generated for these products during tycho-p2-repository:assemble-repository contains plugin2 but not plugin1.

Is it expected for Tycho to behave in this way? It seems to me that if the products are failing to launch from Eclipse then it does really signal that the product definition (or further down the included feature hierarchy) is incomplete.

We have recently switched to Tycho from Buckminster and now have the situation where the CI build for products can pass but we then later have an error when launching the product in Eclipse.

Thanks in advance,



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