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Re: [tycho-user] m2e PDE extension and Tycho

Hi Lars,

I'm glad you liked it, the m2e feature is a bit experimental atm and your right this is currently not (yet) supported, so feedback / testing is welcome.

I hope I'll be able to add support for this hopefully in Tycho 2.2.0 release, of course feel free to also add an enhancement request to the bug-tracker to express interest in this feature :-)

At the moment you can use the tycho counter-part "wrapAsBundle" with maven dependencies (also relative new feature that could need some deeper inspection) added to the pom but be aware that the naming scheme is a bit different.

Am 11.11.20 um 16:49 schrieb Lars Vogel:

I'm trying to use the new m2e PDE extension for accessing Maven
central artifacts and converting them, if necessary, directly into
OSGi bundles.

Super cool! Works great in the IDE AFAICS.

Unfortunately this seems not directly support in Tycho 2.1.0, I get
the following warning / error:

[WARNING] Target location type 'Maven' is not supported and the
library is not found.

I know that Tycho 2.1.0 also added support for accessing Maven
central. Do I have to configure this independently? Or can the
target-platform setup be re-used by Tycho?

Best regards, Lars

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