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Re: [tycho-user] why do you need to add <executionEnvironment>JavaSE-11</executionEnvironment> to configurtation now?

thx, that makes more clear but i was still a bit confused by this:

Unlink compiler levels from execution environemnt

The compilation levels are derived from explicit sources like Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment or related settings in or pom.xml, and are not affected any more by the execution environment that is used to resolve dependencies. So you can set executionEnvironment to JavaSE-11, have a bundle with BREE=JavaSE-1.8, and Java 1.8 will be used as compile source/target level without extra configuration.


so the dependencies are resolved by the executionEnvironment and then it makes sure it compiles with the same source/target as you specified (i checked this and yes class files have the correct major version)

So what would be the jdk library that it compiles against..

But i tried it, on purpose i used String.strip() and yes that still bombs out when compiling.

Johan Compagner

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