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[tycho-user] Compiling multiple source folders with Tycho

Hi everybody,

I am new to Tycho (and not so experienced with Maven, either) and try to switch to an Eclipse independent Maven build for an existing plugin project. However, I don't seem to be able to succeed in compiling multiple source folders with Tycho. Is there anything else, apart from the of an Eclipse plugin, which Tycho considers when searching for source folders? So far, I have the following

bin.includes = .,\
jars.compile.order = .
source.. = src/main/java/,\
output.. = bin/

As the name suggests, src/additionsources/ contains a folder testpackage with a simple Java file in it. However, mvn clean compile only compiles the sources in src/main/java and puts them into target/classes.

As Tycho needs to use it's own compiler MOJO, I assume build-helper-maven-plugin will not help me in any way. Neither will maven-compiler-plugin be of any use, right?

There is a related thread on the old forum which did not help me, unfortunately: Is there anything I might have missed?

Best regards,

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