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Re: [tycho-user] Support for Maven parallel build

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 8:15 AM Sandra Parsick <sparsick@xxxxxx> wrote:
thank you merging my patches.

Thanks for that patches!
our code base is still on Java 8 and we have some blocker that
force us to stay on Java 8

Tycho 2.0 requires Java 11 to run, but it doesn't enforce your code base or your test execution to be using Java 11. You should totally be able to use Tycho 2.0 to build bundles and products that require Java 8 only. Things like defining a toolchain and passing the Java 11 JAVA_HOME to `mvn` invocation only so it doesn't have to be in PATH (which could still contain Java 8) would allow a clear and safe enough separation between the Tycho build requirement (Java 11) and your execution environment (Java 8)
Please try it, and report your issues to this mailing-list or to the bug tracker.

Do you plan a Tycho 1.8.0 release, where my patches could be part of it?

Not at all sorry. Keeping multiple branches and sticking to too old versions of dependencies is extremely (human) resource consuming, and at the moment, I think the most active contributors to Tycho don't really care about older Java versions to invest the necessary time in supporting another branch of Tycho just for it.
Especially since, as mentioned above, your case should work with Tycho 2.0.

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