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Re: [tycho-user] Building an RCP product against different Eclipse versions

> My current solution is manual, one has to specify a profile name on
> the
> commandline for the macOS build. That profile sets up a different
> path for
> the 'eclipse-mirror' repository and then building our product happens
> with
> Eclipse 4.12 instead of 4.7. I'm then doing two builds of the
> product, once
> without profile specified and once with the macOS profile.

I am not aware of a method that can do this via one build step. It
would mean that each component (plugin, feature, p2 site) would have to
be built twice as its dependencies change. Also tests would have to be
executed against multiple targets.

The approach with different profiles seems to be quite fine. Why not
use a batch/shell script to run both builds?


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