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Re: [tycho-user] Symbolic links as text files on Windows


I strongly recommend that you avoid symbolic links. Redesign before you create more problems.

They don't work on Windows and what appears to be a pale imitation of Linux is just confusing.

They don't work on Unix either. e.g. symbolic links cannot be used when mirroring Eclipse downloads/updates and/or cannot be used to publish a non-cloned 'latest' P2 repo. Just for extra fun there are hard/soft symbolic links.

Philosophically how can they work? If I create three archives for you of my work involving symbolic links, how many times should the linked material be replicated and how do you contrive to share them again/obtain the omissions? Clearly symbolic links require accurate shared understanding of the functional intent by both tools and humans to satisfy that intent.


        Ed Willink

On 07/08/2020 14:45, Christoph Läubrich wrote:
This has nothing to do with tycho. See [1] for possible solutions.
Theoretically it would be possible to use some kind of jgit+maven to do it automatically but thats a little bit out of scope of tycho I think.


Am 07.08.20 um 15:34 schrieb Paulina Kruszyna:
I need to build a maven project with symbolic links. I am using the tycho 1.7.0 version. On MacOS got the symbolic links bundled within the jar but on Windows got all symbolic links as text files containing path to file. Is there any way to get symbolic links on Windows like it is on MacOS? Or is it maybe a bug?

Thanks in advance,


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