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[tycho-user] Tycho now supports alternative Target locations

Until now it was only possible to use P2 based Update-sites with Tycho, from now on the other location types (Directory, Feature, Installation) are also supported.

The feature is available in the up-comming 2.0 release line and as the feature is relative new it would be good if people can test the feature and give feedback if something is missing there.

If using this feature the following things should be taken into account:

* Because of the nature of file based locations you probably always wan't to include the target project in the reactor build when you reference files from that project as the reactor build is the only source for tycho to find 'projects'. The same applies if you reference other projects. * only a very small subset of the available variables are supported at the moment: Environment Variables, System-Properties and Project references, if you feel something essential is missing please open a bug so we can add support for this.

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