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Re: [tycho-user] No surefire report if I have test failures

Hi Lars, 

My guess is adding 


Will solve your problem. This means that maven will say success for the build. It also means you don't need -fae


On Fri., May 15, 2020, 11:01 Lars Vogel, <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If I run with Tycho with the following command I get html test reports
generated in the target/site/surefire-report.html if the build is
successful and has no test failures.

mvn clean verify surefire-report:report -fae

But this only works if there are no test failures. If I have a test
failure the surefire-report.html file is not generated.

Can I still generate these reports even if I have a test failure or a
combine error for all test plug-ins?

I find it surprising that the aggregated report is not generated, when
it is most useful (test errors exist).

Best regards, Lars

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