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[tycho-user] tycho-compile doesn't invoke lombok annotation processing

Hi list,

has somebody succeeded in using Lombok within a eclipse plugin, and building the plugin with tycho? There doesn't seem to be a problem within the PDE; registering the lombok.jar with the ide, and configuring it within the eclipse project does work; opening the generated class-file shows the generated methods, which get picked up by the IDE as well, thus no errors within the the IDE.

However, doing a mvn clean install shows, that tycho-compile isn't  triggering lomboks annotation processors.

So far, I have tried:

- adding lombok as an additional dependency with<extraClasspathElements />  : (using -X on the mvn command line even shows it on the classpath)

- explicitly specifying the processors using <annotationProcessors />

- I even tried to shed some light on the processing, by using -XprintProcessorInfo -XprintRounds and -XshowSetting; to no avail.

The last one made obvious, that the options are not even used, which is probably because the ecj is called in process, which does make offering <compilerArgs /> in tycho-compile moot; if you try to add <fork>true</fork> compile fails with a message stating that forking isn't supported.

As a last ressort, I even added lombok into the maven installation by adding it to lib/ext - doesn't work too.

Any Ideas?

Im Using Tycho 1.6.0, and lombok 1.18.12


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