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Re: [tycho-user] product building something weird if the plugin is in the auto start levels of the product.xml file


it seems that adding an explicit filter in the platform configuration:


does work for this, but i wonder why we need that if the assemble-repository  already works fine and follows the features plugin versions. why is materialize-products that suddenly looking again into the maven repo instead of just working directly on the repository that assemble already did generate?

On Thu, 9 Jan 2020 at 23:05, Johan Compagner <jcompagner@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i have something really weird

i get this suddenly when i make our product:

Unable to satisfy dependency from toolingwin32.win32.x86_64com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks to osgi.bundle; com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks 2020.3.0.3560_rc.; Unable to satisfy dependency from toolingwin32.win32.x86_64com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks to osgi.bundle; com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks 2020.3.0.3560_rc.]

its a very weird error it should just use the not the which is a different branch.

the feature.xml that the product file includes has that version explicitly set.

the thing is this happens because in the product file i have this:

      <plugin id="com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks" autoStart="true" startLevel="3" />

so that plugin is in the configuration to have autostart to true and a startlevel is set to 3

then suddenly the product just wont build because of the above warning i then get and then a bit later i get this:

--- tycho-p2-director-plugin:1.5.1:materialize-products (materialize-products) @ com.servoy.eclipse.product ---
[INFO] Installing product servoy.product for environment win32/win32/x86_64 to /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/servoy85/jobs/servoy-eclipse/workspace/com.servoy.eclipse.product/target/products/servoy.product/win32/win32/x86_64
Installing servoy.product
Installation failed.
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
	Software being installed: Servoy Developer (servoy.product
	Missing requirement: toolingwin32.win32.x86_64com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks requires 'osgi.bundle; com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks 2020.3.0.3560_rc' but it could not be found
	Cannot satisfy dependency:
		From: Servoy Developer (servoy.product
		To: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; toolingservoy.product.configuration [,]
	Cannot satisfy dependency:
		From: toolingservoy.product.configuration
		To: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; toolingwin32.win32.x86_64com.servoy.eclipse.ui.tweaks [,]
There were errors. See log file: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/servoy85/jobs/servoy-eclipse/workspace/workspace/.metadata/.log

if i remove that plugin from the product configuration so it don't have that auto start defined then it works fine. the warning is gone and the product is just build..

Why does the product builder suddenly sees that other file? It just needs to take the one of the feature..
Should i somehow filter that one ? (i never have to filter plugins that are in the same pom configuration..)

until that  materialize-products so the assemble-repo does assemble the right has exactly the correct version if i look into the target dir and then in the repository dir it created.
But suddenly materialize wants another one that is also in the maven repo (which is kind of i guess a higher version)


Johan Compagner

Johan Compagner

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