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Re: [tycho-user] very weird compile problem (this could be not really tycho but the eclipse compiler)

Most likeley your build and your local install using different versions (maybe one from a nexus proxy and one from maven central?)

Try to clear the local .m2 cache and try again for both cases and make sure both are downloading the artifact from the same server.

Am 18.10.19 um 16:00 schrieb Udo.Walker@xxxxxxxxxxx:

you could use the option -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore. Maybe this helps?

With regards,



Betreff: [tycho-user] very weird compile problem (this could be not really tycho but the eclipse compiler)

Datum: 2019-10-18T14:07:49+0200

Von: "Johan Compagner" <jcompagner@xxxxxxxxxx>

An: "Tycho user list" <tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>

locally it works fine but if i push it to jenkins and let it build there then it get:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-compiler-plugin:1.4.0:compile (default-compile) on project j2db_server: Compilation failure: Compilation failure: [ERROR] /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/master/jobs/server/workspace/j2db_server/src/com/servoy/j2db/dblayer/[27] [ERROR] import javax.transaction.TransactionManager; [ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [ERROR] Access restriction: The type 'TransactionManager' is not API (restriction on classpath entry '/var/lib/jenkins/.m2/repository/p2/osgi/bundle/javax.transaction/1.1.0/javax.transaction-1.1.0.jar') [ERROR] /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/master/jobs/server/workspace/j2db_server/src/com/servoy/j2db/dblayer/[3349] [ERROR] public TransactionManager getTransactionManager()

but the weird thing is that should be fine if we look at that jar the export packages are
javax.transaction and javax.transaction.xa
if i run it with mvn with -X
i see this at jenkins:
but locally it is:
and i guess that is between [] is what is exported?
But where does that come from?
because it looks like it is the export packages, but if i look at others some are just [?**/*]
but they do have export packages if i look in the manifest file...
So it doesn't make fully sense to me how that is generated
So that somewhere cached in the maven repository in another place?
And am i right that that between [] is really the exported stuff?
Johan Compagner

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