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Re: [tycho-user] should <showWarnings>false</showWarnings> work?

ok also figured this one

even if you specify stuff like -warn=none or <showWarnings>false

that has all no effect if you dont specify:


because that is by default true, and that just overwrites it all.. 

i wonder is that really about warnings? What the compiler should report? not how it should compile or anything else not related to reporting warnings?

On Mon, 14 Oct 2019 at 18:22, Johan Compagner <jcompagner@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i have this:


but it will show warnings no matter what

i also tried to run with:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.compiler.showWarnings=false

but still a lot of warnings..

The same thing is that i can't get that <useJDK> to work

i have added this in my toolchains.xml file:


and then use


in the configuration of the tycho compiler plugin

and in the manifest i do have:

Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.8

But no matter what if i then run maven (java.home property) with java12
it will start to complain it can't find or use it:

Could not find specification for custom execution environment profile 'JavaSE-12'

also the -X of maven doesn't really tell that much, i had hopped for a bit more output of the compiler plugin..

Johan Compagner

Johan Compagner

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