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[tycho-user] Running UI tests without starting a full-blown workbench


I run some SWTBot-driven UI tests using tycho-surefire:test [1], which
essentially works. But unlike a lot of tests, my tests don't require a
full-blown workbench, as the system-under-test is essentially a
collection of plain JFace dialogs.

Is there hence a way to configure the plugin not to start a workbench
application before running the unit tests? Starting the workbench adds
about 7 seconds to tests that would otherwise execute in <1 second.

I already tried to set an empty application

> <application><!-- empty --></application>

but that doesn't have the desired effect. Neither does

> <application>org.eclipse.swtbot.eclipse.core.swtbottestapplication</application>
> <extraRequirements>
> 	<requirement>
> 		<type>eclipse-plugin</type>
> 		<id>oorg.eclipse.swtbot.eclipse.core</id>
> 		<versionRange>[0,)</versionRange>
> 	</requirement>
> </extraRequirements>

which is apparently the application behind the SWTBot "Headless Mode" I
see in the launch configuration in the IDE. But that fails with

> Could not find application "org.eclipse.swtbot.eclipse.core.swtbottestapplication" in the test runtime. Make sure that the test runtime includes the bundle which defines this application.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,



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Amtsgericht Muenchen | HRB 177678 | GF: F. Deissenboeck, M. Feilkas

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