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Re: [tycho-user] installation for tests based on simpleconfigurator

Thanks Mickael!


I’ll try the gmf solution/workaround.


Can you create a gerrit for your draft mentioned in ?


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I think the main issue is about PDE not using the dynamic set of bundles as default. So any development effort on that matter should be placed in , as it also has impacts on other forms of exotic deployments.

For your case, there are several possible workarounds:

* use the `p2installed` strategy, which is marked as experimental, but should work. It's work as experimental because so far, there was no extensive feedback or testimonials on its usage, so you may unveil some still unknown issues by using it; but there is test coverage that shows that it works at least in the case automated in the test ;)

* Might be better, make you test not assume you have a target platform pre-set in the test IDE, and configure that target-platform in the test code according to the running bundles. See for example



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