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[tycho-user] P2 repository ignored with Java 11?

Hi all,

I am currently migrating a project from Java 8 to Java 11. The Jenkins jobs work based on that in addition to the common target definition there are additional p2 repositories consumed for materialising the target platform. So while the parent POM contributes the target platform the component's POM adds one or several repository entries like this:


The idea behind that is that all jobs share the target platform, but still can depend on each other. For example component C needs components A + B and so on.

When using Java 8 the output before "[INFO] Resolving dependencies of MavenProject:" was:

Adding repository file:/...jenkins/jobs/.../branches/master/lastSuccessful/

Now with Java 11 this step is unfortunately skipped which leads to that the dependency can not be resolved.

Any idea what could cause this different behaviour and/or how a workaround could look like?

I am using Tycho 1.4.0.


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