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[tycho-user] Javadoc generation works from command line and jenkins maven job but fails from pipeline ( shell step)


I have a project that use tycho-document-bundle-plugin to automate the Javadoc generation.

The Javadoc files are correctly created when I execute maven from command line or from a Jenkins Maven project.

The problem happens when i try to use a pipeline project to build my project. Everithing runs fine, except the javadoc generation.

I don't know why when running from inside jenkins pipeline shell step some problem hapens when discovering classpath deps, missing all jar files from inside lib folder of the projects in the tree and a lot of messages like this are printed:

INFO] Cleaning up first
[INFO] Did not find project Dependency {,, version=0.1.0-SNAPSHOT, type=jar} in reactor

I found this thread talking about special chars problems causing the same problem, but this is not my case.

Also I tried in both ways:

- inside a withMaven command 
- inside a sh step. The problem is the same

if I go to a terminal, in the same workspace that jenkins pipeline runs with erros, and execute maven manually everything runs ok!

i suspected from some environment variable injected by jenkins, but no sucess even starting a script with clear env.

Somebody have any idea on what I should check?


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