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[tycho-user] Uses constraint violation with javax.annotation


I have a project requiring some JEE javax.annotation (1.2), so I have javax.annotation-api.jar in my target platform.

Some other 3rd-party jars like guava are also importing javax.annotation (optional and without version), but not JEE annotations, but jsr305 ones like Nullable.  In this case nullable annotations are not required in runtime,

but test cases executed by tycho randomly fail with "Uses constraint violation" complaining for 2 chains for javax.annotation (one wired from javax.annotation-api.jar and one wired from jdk8 through system bundle)

I tried to eliminate the chain coming from jdk (as jdk annotations are not required in runtime) using filtering


But it does not seem to work I still have system bundle exporting javax.annotation and this random constraint violation failure.

How could I solve this ?


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