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[tycho-user] creating an installer with tycho


this is not really i guess a tycho question but maybe some body from this list knows a bit more

How does eclipse really generate those self extracting exe (windows) and dmg (mac) files for their installers?
Is that something tycho can do?

but i am not really interested in that, i would like to know the very fist part of that
The creation of the self extracting exe file with a script that then extracts a eclipse product with oomph and runs that...
I don't really need oomph we already have our own installer, but with the current java world we would like that have an installer that has an embedded java install inside it...
so the self extacting exe would extract our izpack jar file together with a "jre" and then a script would just start that jar file with the bundled jre..

that would then in the end install a our eclipe product build with tycho and also a jre bundled inside it to run it without needing to have java on the target machine already installed.

Johan Compagner

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