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[tycho-user] p2.inf confuses tycho, can it be ignored during resolution?


I have a pretty involved build successfully running on PDE/Build since 15 years. :)

During shy attempts to migrate this build to tycho I'm currently blocked
because tycho chokes on some of my p2.inf files.

One p2.inf intentionally creates a non-greedy cyclic dependency between
a feature patch and its plugin:
(This p2.inf ensures that the plug-in cannot be accidentally installed without installing also the patch feature).
Tycho plainly rejects this cycle.

Another p2.inf had been provided by Pascal Rapicault in
to allow us setting a startLevel. Here tycho complains that it cannot
resolve the artificial unit created as = org.eclipse.objectteams.otequinox.configuration

I would be happy, if tycho could just ignore those p2.inf during resolution
and pick it up only when creating metadata.
Is this possible already? If not, would it make sense as an RFE?

Otherwise, I'm afraid tycho would need to become much smarter to actually
accept these files, which are legal by the rules of p2.


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