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[tycho-user] Tycho with JDK 11 and Modular OpenJFX (javafx mods)


Since OpenJFX is shipped with separate modules ( — JMODs) all the javafx classes from jfxrt.jar is split into javafx.base.jmods,, etc.. 
If we want to provide javafx OSGi Adaptor with Module system (JDK modules / jigsaw) , what would be the class path entry in MANIFEST.MF 
i.e earlier with jfxrt.jar and MANIFEST.MF would look like 
Bundle-ClassPath: .,

Now jfxrt.jar is no more (with latest JDK 11 early access). What should be the Bundle-ClassPath entry in MANIFEST.MF for a JDK Module system ? 

Intention is to create a OSGi Adaptor which runs with Jlink’d custom image which consist of JDK 11 and Openjfx Modules.


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