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Re: [tycho-user] patching eclipse jars

You can look at

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 15:50 Johan Compagner <jcompagner@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

previously when we used the "target" dir that has an eclipse installation i could just patch some eclipse jars to get some bugs out from then and build a product against that target dir.

How to do that with tycho?

I have now 2 examples, 1 is the  "" plugin
That just doesn't really work like it should according to me

i patched the source code in a few places and rebuild the plugin
But the problem is how to let tycho know that it has to use that plugin?

that help.ui is a bit special.. 
because that implements the "org.eclipse.ui.helpSupport" extension point but there can be only one of them
the doc says of AbstractHelpUI:

 * Note that the standard implementation of the help system UI is provided by
 * the <code>""</code> plug-in. Since the platform can only
 * make use of a single help system UI implementation, make sure that the
 * platform is not configured with more than one plug-in trying to extend this
 * extension point.

yeah right.. how to do that then?
Because i want of course the rest of the help, i only want to provide a better impl of the HelpUI

Problem is that i can't give that patched plugin a slightly different version.
Because then the whole doesn't work (if my feature would include that bumbed version)

Is there somehow a tycho property where i can say get this plugin always from there?
(or that my local plugins are alway overwriting the once that come from p2 repositories)?

The other example is this bug:

i also kind of want to patch that myself, because no i have to wait for an 4.8 release to have that fixed...
But i encounter then the same problem.. how to force tycho to use that patched version and not the one from the p2 repo.

Johan Compagner
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