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Re: [tycho-user] Running TPD to Target before actual build

On 19/03/2018 18:28, Eugen Neufeld wrote:

I would like to use a tpd file ( for my target definition. The Readme of the TPD Project also describes a way of generating the target file using maven. I would like to use this, but fail as tycho is trying to resolve the target before my transformation kicks in.

I know I could run two dedicated mvn commands, but I would like to still be able to call "mvn clean install" once.

Do you have a suggestion for a possible solution?

I'm no expert on the internals of Maven or Tycho, but from what I read at, Mickael (author of the TPD DSL) seems to think that this is not possible: "Tycho uses maven extension mechanism to hook up very early in the maven dependencies resolution mechanism, so there are little chances you can use a generated .target from the same maven run."

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