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[tycho-user] Parallel builds with Tycho

Hi friends,


I’m exploring the possibilities to reduce build times by parallelizing Tycho builds. Two questions there:

·        Any chance we see Tycho marked threadsafe in the near future? For us, multithreaded builds seem to work fine, and same has been reported in roughly 1.5 years ago.

·        Has anyone explored parallelizing a Tycho build onto multiple machines? I’ve built a Jenkins pipeline which analyzes all dependencies from POMs, manifests, features, products and the like and afterwards splits an aggregator build into (partially overlapping) chunks which are then built in parallel. You still have to provide some small configuration (like run test bundle 1 on agent1, and test bundles 2 and 3 on agent 2), but it will afterwards figure out the smallest amount of dependencies for each agent and will take care of the complete aggregator being built for sure. That all is driven by a huge amount of UI tests, which we simply cannot run multithreaded (on Windows). I’m wondering if other people have the same need, or if I’m re-inventing the wheel here since other approaches may exist.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Michael Keppler

Tel. +49 711 3423-2429 | Fax +49 711 89661-0 | Michael.Keppler@xxxxxxxx

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