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[tycho-user] When I add p2 site created to the Target Platform modifies the Manifest file

Hello, I recently migrated an Eclipse 3.7 application to Eclipse 4.7 using the compatibility layer which works correctly. The  system that migrates consists of several modules and has several folders containing the set of libraries to be used and the Target Platform points to these folders. When I added Tycho I realized that it does not support the Directory, Installation and Features types, so it was necessary to generate a p2 site that contains all the libraries to be able to add it to the Target Platform. After investigating I concluded that the p2-maven-plugin tool was a good option to mavenize the project and create the p2 site because jars that are NOT osgi bundles will be "bundled" using bnd tool.
After removing all the errors I could deploy the project generating repository folders, products, etc. but when I wanted to execute the application it gave me a timeout error, that's why I found out by running the application from the Eclipse IDE in Debug Mode that Spring Context is not loaded.
When I add the created p2 site to the target platform and inspecting the org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint bundle, the Maniffest file is modified and no longer has the attribute Bundle-Activator: org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender.internal. boot. ChainActivator. On the other hand, I have an Activator class extending  AbstractUIPlugin class that start the plugin and since the manifest does not have that attribute, it does not follow the normal flow of execution.

Best Regards.

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