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Re: [tycho-user] generate target file from p2 target


If you want the content of a .target file to be "locked", you'd better use the slicer mode rather than the planner. This would enforce your .target to list all dependencies instead of relying on dependency resolution (and its variability).
Once you have slicer, you can specify the versions so you'll be almost 100% sure about resolution being reproducible.
The target-platform-validation-plugin in tycho-extras provides some analysis of a .target file to help you identifying and fixing inconsistencies in your .target

For JBoss Tools, we have a couple of mojos to manipulate .target files and ensure more stability:
* mirror-target-to-repo: takes a .target file, make a p2 repo from it with the versions
* fix-versions-mojo: replaces 0.0.0 by the resolved versions


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