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[tycho-user] Multiple testclass invocations per plugin


Mickaël Istria pointed me to this thread mail I just registered to the mailing-list and so not sure that this mail will be added to the current thread.

I can give some hints for one of the issue mentioned:

"For a JUnit configuration, I do not want OSGI to start. (useUIHarness=false still starts OSGI). I cannot see how to do this with the tycho-surefire-plugin; seems contrary to its philosophy; providing non-Eclipse functionality within an Eclipse added value.

So I presume I should revert to the maven-surefire-plugin, but it appears that the tycho-surefire-plugin subverts its functionality. I don't think I have succeeded in getting maven-surefire-plugin to run any tests. I thought I had but that was just a mega-confusion caused by the helpful "default-test"; the kind of help that I normally associate with Microsoft tools."

To be able to launch the tests without OSGi, you need to go back to maven-surefire-plugin. You can have a look to this plugin and these places in the parent pom: and

I take the opportunity of this discussion to point to a presentation (video, slides) I provided at an EclipseCon explaining why using tests without launching OSGi is really a good thing for some unit tests, you will also see some alternatives to use maven-surefire-plugin for Eclipse tests.





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