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Re: [tycho-user] When can we expect a Java9-ready Tycho release?


JDT compiler is fully ready for Java 9 as of Photon M3/Oxygen 1a. It may miss a few features related to other Java 9 stuff, but compiler is already ready.
So I think it would be great if Tycho could be ready for Java 9 asap by pulling newer JDT bundles, as there is already value for many users in it. Some RCPs do include a JVM directly, and might already prefer using, buiding on top of and shipping Java9 for several reasons such as performance or to easily tailor the JVM for their apps; and those RCP are most likely using Tycho. So I see a huge value for the community in shipping Java 9 compilation support soon.
That said, I believe Tycho typically waits for JDT milestones to be ready before consuming them, doesn't it? According to , Photon M3 will be shipped on Oct 27th.

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